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Summer Holiday Programs


Ages 6-8

Junior Marine Explorers

For ages 6-8

Our 3 day Junior Marine Explorers program will turn all our explorers into mini marine biologists as we explore the beaches, rocky coasts & intertidal zones of Lantau & Peng Chau discovering the wild and wonderful creatures that are found there.

Summer camp in Hong Kong

Week 1: 8th - 10th July 2024

Junior Marine Explorers_8-10 July 2024-1.png

Week 2: 29th - 31st July 2024

Junior Marine Explorers_29-31 July 2024-1.png
Ages 9-12

Holiday Marine Adventure

For ages 9-12

We're running an exciting and adventurous 3-day exploration program to introduce kids aged 9-12 to Hong Kong's rich and diverse marine and coastal environments, creating an awareness and understanding of our local ecosystems.

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