Field Trip: Snorkel a local coral reef

This underwater snorkel adventure will introduce students  to the coral reefs of Hong Kong while discovering the diverse marine life found in our local waters.  Students will experience using a mask and snorkel to advance their snorkel skills in the ocean as well as having fun completing an underwater scavenger hunt to look for different organisms on the reef.  Our goal is to help create an awareness and understanding of the local marine environment and to promote the importance of knowing, preserving and conserving our oceans ecosystems.  Helping to inspire the students to become better guardians of our oceans.

Field Trip: Visit a Mangrove Ecosystem

Students will have an opportunity to explore a mangrove ecosystem along the shores of Hong Kong and learn about their importance as a marine nursery, sediment trap and coastal barrier and how they are connected to coral reefs. Students will be able to touch, smell and see mangroves first hand with a mangrove bingo challenge on the day.

Heading 1

Field Trip: Beach Exploration - Hidden Treasures

On this beach field trip students will be able to explore and discover some of the hidden treasures found along the sand.  From coral skeletons to shells left over from snails, clams, oyster, sea urchin spines and much more, the beach has some wonderful natural surprises. Students will engage in a beach scavenger hunt, environmental bingo game and nature art challenge.

Field Trip: Hey Trash! Get off my Beach!

Humans have an affect on the marine environment in many ways, one particular form of human impact constitutes a major threat to marine life: the pollution by plastic debris. This trip students will head out to a local beach and collect all the ‘man-made’ objects that we find. We will look at what is found on beaches in Hong Kong, do a trash timeline activity and learn about ways in which we can reduce the amount of trash that ultimately ends up in the marine environment. We believe one person can make all the difference! Be an inspiration and show others how we can quit our plastic addiction. 

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